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Ornithorhynchus anatinus is the scientific name for platypus. Anatinus means "duck-like" in Latin. Anatinus Linguistik Solutions was founded in Australia along the Cudgegong River where the platypuses play.


Anatinus Linguistik Solutions came to life through Rhoda Kriek, the globe trotting, language loving, cross-cultural communications facilitating founder, who provides you with the expert German to English translation, editing and proofreading that you require to serve your business needs.


Rhoda has lived and worked in over 15 countries on 5 continents in both the private and third sectors, primarily in the financial services and international development sectors.


Now residing in Australia, Rhoda bridges the gap between languages through expert translation in the language pair German to English working with clients from around the globe. Read more about Rhoda in her resume here.





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Through her extensive experience working in many cultures and languages, Rhoda not only translates the German source text into clear, concise and accurate English but also offers the unique skill of cultural awareness and understanding to ensure the language gap between German and your English-speaking audience is closed. Translation is not just about replacing one term for another in a different language, it is about providing the most accurate and fluid representation of the thought given in the source language in the target language. Anatinus Linguistik Solutions is your partner in doing so. 


Anatinus Linguistik Solutions strives for 100% client satisfaction which means listening to your needs and ensuring your translation is accurate and of the highest quality.  

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